• Clean Maintain and Protect Marine Stainless Steel
  • Invisible surface coating for protecting stainless steel
  • Clean and protect all marine stainless steel surfaces



Marine Stainless 2 in 1 is an invisible, anti-corrosive treatment for Marine Stainless Steel, where the surface preparation is included with the protective solution.

The slight abrasive properties clean and remove all dirt and contaminants, while the protective components adhere directly to the substrate to provide a long lasting, easy to clean and protected surface.

The treatment is resistant to friction, is and will not crack, peel or turn "yellow" after long term outdoor exposure.  Treated surfaces repel water and are protected against the elements.
Marine Stainless 2 in 1 is especially suited for protection of marine stainless steel.  Once a metal surface has been treated, almost everything can be simply removed with a damp cloth, or by rinsing thoroughly with clean, fresh water.


Please Note:  Marine Stainless 2 in 1 is not suitable for use in kitchen and other food preparation surfaces.